Final Magikarp Jump Update Makes Landfall

    Final Magikarp Jump Update Makes Landfall

    The final software update for Magikarp Jump, version 1.3.0, adds two new leagues, stylish patterns, support Pokémon, training regimens, events, and more.

    Released on Tuesday, players can now enjoy the last major update for The Pokémon Company’s popular mobile-based hit. The following list highlights new changes made to the game.

    Magikarp Jump 1.3.0 (Final Update) Details

    • Leagues: Elite Four League, Master League
    • Food options: Old Gateau, Big Malasada
    • Training regimens: Steelix Push, Tackle Machine
    • Friendship Items: Spell Tag (Mimikyu), Choice Scarf (Gardevoir)
    • Decorations: Cacnea Planter, Dugtrio Rock, Red Cap, Ditto Cushion, Gold Magikarp Statue
    • Magikarp Patterns: (2) Blue, (2) Violet
    • Events: Version 1.3.0 introduces six new random encounters; three can be randomly triggered after training, two are unlocked under special conditions, and one randomly occurs after league battles. (Check out our Magikarp Jump Event Dex for more information.)

    Trainers can unlock the new Blue and Violet Magikarp patterns with the “Supreme Old Rod,” a new rod given to them after completing the Master League.

    In addition, the Trainer rank has increased from level 79 to 100.

    Future Magikarp Jump updates will address known bugs, though, it would be nice to fish up a few more colorful Magikarp patterns.

    The final Magikarp Jump update can be downloaded by starting the game and tapping the “update” button. Alternatively, Android users can manually download version 1.3.0 by visiting Google Play, while iOS users can download the update by going to the App Store.

    The Magikarp Cafe staff is in the process of creating various pages for Magikarp Jump that cover the game’s items, food, etc. Please stay tuned for more information!


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