The Heal League is Coming to Magikarp Jump

    The Heal League is Coming to Magikarp Jump

    A future Magikarp Jump update will add the Heal League for players to compete in, according to the game’s one and only Mayor Karp.

    The current version of Magikarp Jump, 1.0.3, features six leagues for players to compete. High-jumpers who prove themselves formidable can earn rewards such as Diamonds and Support Candies.

    Trainers who have completed the sixth and final — grueling — challenge, Luxury League, are presented with a few extra in-game goodies, however. First, the game’s iconic old man, Mayor Karp, reveals a future game update will add the Heal League.

    “Next up is the Heal League,” Karp reveals to the player in post-Luxury League dialogue called Story Goals. “It’s not as soothing as it sounds, though. But … I’m afraid it looks like they’re not quite ready for you, yet! Check back for updates soon!”

    The next surprise is another challenge for hardcore Trainers: The Expert League. Here, players can battle even more NPCs for additional experience points, Coins, Diamonds, and Support Candy.

    In addition, Mayor Karp gives players his Dank Theme and the Great Old Rod. The new theme transforms players’ pond area into a “dark and scary” (but somehow inviting) place for their cowardly Magikarp. The new rod setup can hook and land Magikarp featuring the gray and purple patterns.

    Check out the images below to see the conversation between Mayor Karp and the player once the Luxury League is complete.

    Heal League Revealed in Story Goals Dialogue


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