Magikarp Jump Achievements You Can’t Complete Yet

    Magikarp Jump Achievements You Can't Complete Yet

    In the current 1.1.0 version of Magikarp Jump, players are unable to complete three in-game Achievements no matter how hard they train.

    Your adventure “Records” may display 100 percent completion, and that takes some amazing effort, but it’s only for current content. On the other hand, the game’s “Achievements” section is still impossible to complete.

    Specifically, hardcore Trainers are unable to fully attain Mastery for the “Events Triggered,” “Patterns Collected,” and “Decorations Collected” Achievements. At least until the next software update. Hopefully.

    But looking at the Achievements list gives players a glimpse at what’s to come. For example, only 36 events currently exist, but the “Events Triggered” Achievement shows a maximum of 36/39. In addition, “Patterns Collected” shows a maximum of 25/29 and “Decorations Collected” displays a maximum of 15/16.

    It’s difficult to say when players will see the three additional random encounter events, four new Magikarp Patterns, and lone Decoration. However, fresh content is likely to arrive with the next Magikarp Jump update — alongside the game’s final league challenge, which seems to be called “Ultra League.”

    Until then, it may be worthwhile to stash away those yummy Support Candies and sparkly Diamonds for something special. Or, you could check out our lovely new Magikarp Jump Event Dex.


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