In-Game Trainer Tips for Magikarp Jump

    In-Game Trainer Tips for Magikarp Jump

    Handy Magikarp Jump trainer tips can help Pokémon Trainers take full advantage of the game while raising their pathetic flopping fish.

    Tap the wooden sign posted on the left side of the pond to receive a random trainer tip. There are currently eight known tips that players can receive. Some tips may seem obvious, while others may prove to be quite helpful.

    Magikarp Jump Trainer Tips

    1. You can make a backup of your data just in case the worst should happen. Then you can continue your game, even on another device.
    2. Support Pokémon might show up to cheer you on in league battles. Your Magikarp’s JP will get a temporary boost!
    3. The effects of any Decorations you’ve gotten will always be active — even if they aren’t placed in your pond!
    4. If you increase the rank of your food items or training regimens to a certain point, you can get Support Candies as an extra bonus!
    5. A Magikarp’s pattern becomes clear when it has grown about two-thirds of the way to its max level!
    6. You can check the special effects you’re getting from your Decorations by checking the Status section in your Records.
    7. There are lots of random encounters waiting for you! Whether they’ll be good or bad, well, that’s where the random part comes in!
    8. Be sure to raise your Magikarp to its max level! Then you’ll get a Motivation Bonus when it retires!

    Do you see any trainer tips that we may have missed? Feel free to let us know! In the meantime, we’ll be sure to add additional tips as we find them.


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