Magikarp Jump Update 1.1.0 Lands on Android and iOS

    Magikarp Jump Update 1.1.0 Lands on Android and iOS

    Magikarp Jump version 1.1.0, now available to download, adds a new League, Magikarp patterns, random encounters, special items, and more.

    When players finished the Luxury League in version 1.0.3, Mayor Karp revealed that the Heal League would arrive in a future software update. Today, Trainers can take on that new challenge, which offers up 20 fresh battles.

    What’s New in Magikarp Jump Version 1.1.0

    • The Heal League
    • Food options: Shalour Sable, Lumiose Galette
    • Training regimens: Frost Cruncher, Soccer Ball Juggle
    • Friendship Items: Shell Bell, Black Sludge
    • Decorations: Lilligant Doll, Starmie Bubbler
    • Magikarp Patterns: Apricot, Brown
    • Events: Two new random encounters which can be triggered by completing the Heal League.

    Players can update Magikarp Jump by simply starting the app and tapping the “update” button. Alternatively, Android users can download the new 1.1.0 update by visiting Google Play while iOS users can download the update by going to the App Store.

    The Magikarp Cafe staff is in the process of creating various pages for Magikarp Jump that cover the game’s items, events, food, etc. Please stay tuned for more information!


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