Magikarp Jump Update Version 1.2.0 Makes a Splash

    Magikarp Jump Update Version 1.2.0 Makes a Splash

    Magikarp Jump update 1.2.0 adds the Ultra League, new training and food options, Support Pokémon, pond Decorations, patterns, events, and more.

    After beating the Heal League in version 1.1.0, Mayor Karp revealed a “final” League would arrive in a future update. (We had a sneaking suspicion that Ultra League would be next, thanks to one data miner.) Today, players can challenge the powerful Trainers in Ultra League, which offers up 20 new battles.

    Magikarp Jump Update 1.2.0 Details

    • The Ultra League
    • Food options: Casteliacone, Magikarp Biscuit
    • Training regimens: Golem Push, Soccer Ball Smash
    • Friendship Items: Soothe Bell (Eevee), Soft Sand (Mudkip)
    • Decorations: Clefairy Doll
    • Magikarp Patterns: (2) Black, (2) White
    • Events: Two new random encounters can be unlocked by beating the Ultra League, one can occur after training, and one displays the hint “Let’s Push It!” You can see our Event Dex for more information.

    In addition, random encounter event scenes now have a “skip” button to enhance players’ experience. And in order to fish up those new Magikarp patterns, players must first unlock the “Pro’s Old Rod” by beating the Ultra League.

    Players can update Magikarp Jump by starting the app and tapping the “update” button. Alternatively, Android users can download the new 1.2.0 update by visiting Google Play while iOS users can download the update by going to the App Store.

    The Magikarp Cafe staff is in the process of creating various pages for Magikarp Jump that cover the game’s items, food, etc. Please stay tuned for more information!


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