Master League, Elite Four Revealed for Magikarp Jump

    Master League, Elite Four Revealed for Magikarp Jump

    A future Magikarp Jump update will introduce Pokémon Trainers to the Master League which will feature the Elite Four as its toughest opponents.

    The release of Magikarp Jump 1.1.0 in early June added the Heal League and plenty of new game content. And when Trainers beat the Heal League, Karp told them to “set their sights on a final challenge.”

    The latest version of Magikarp Jump, version 1.2.0, presented players with the Ultra League — the supposed “final challenge,” according to Karp. But Mayor Karp has cleverly fooled Hoppy Town and its Magikarp-loving inhabitants.

    When Trainers complete the Ultra League, Karp reveals yet another challenge.

    “So you’ve actually gone and done it,” he said. “You beat all eight leagues. I think … yes, I think you might be the one who can even defeat the Elite Four!”

    Karp goes on. “Try yourself against the Master League, and try to become a true champion!” He then tasks players to once again challenge the Expert League until a future game update adds the Master League.

    It’s unknown when the next Magikarp Jump update will go live, but it’s possible each Elite Four Trainer will be in charge of milestone Master League battles; for example, Battle No. 5, 10, 15, and 20 could be headed by an Elite Four member and their formidable Magikarp.

    Mayor Karp Reveals the Master League and Elite Four

    What are your thoughts on the imminent Master League challenge? How are you enjoying the game so far? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

    While Magikarp Cafe awaits the next challenge, its staff will be working on completing the Magikarp Jump Event Dex page.


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