Ultra League Could Be Magikarp Jump’s Final Challenge

    Ultra League Could be Magikarp Jump's Final Challenge

    The Ultra League is just one of many new elements that could arrive in Pokémon: Magikarp Jump with the mobile game’s next software update.

    Following the release of Magikarp Jump 1.1.0 earlier this month, data miners have uncovered a host of goodies from within the game’s files. One data miner, who goes by the name “SciresM” on Twitter, shared the text dump for the game, revealing all game text, both hidden and visible to players.

    In the current 1.1.0 version of Magikarp Jump, the Heal League is the final challenge for Trainers. However, tucked away inside the game’s code there’s mention of the Ultra League.

    That’s not all, either. There’s also reference to unannounced decorations, events, a “Robo Lab” pond theme, and a “Supreme Old Rod” fishing rod. Interestingly, no new Magikarp patterns are present.

    Decorations include the “Dugtrio Rock,” “Pikachu Bed,” “Gyarados Slide,” “Pikachu Pocket Watch,” “Dedenne Blush,” “Oddish Kokedama,” and “Camerupt Volcano.”

    Events mentioned are “Wild Magikarp” and “Massive Magikarp.” The in-game description for Wild Magikarp reads, “It seems like a wild Magikarp wants to battle against yours?!” The description for Massive Magikarp reads, “I’ll just come right out and say it! Your Magikarp is even bigger than mine!”

    But don’t go setting your hooks too early, Trainers. The game’s files may reference these unheard of goodies, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100 percent confirmed. It’s entirely possible this specific game content was cut, or simply scrapped during development.

    Magikarp Cafe will be sure to keep you posted when the next update arrives. Please stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to check out our Magikarp Jump Event Dex.


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